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Food Additives Food Additives
Food additives have become a necessity of all types of food products and food industry. Right from the aroma of the beverage, the texture of the food and its visual appeal, has to be enriched to make it acceptable.
Food Additives
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Food Additives > HS codes

Food Additives

Food Additives

Food Additives
Food Additives
Blended Food Colors

Industry Overview

Food Colors

HS codes

1501 Lard; other pig fat and poultry fat, rendered
150100 Lard; other pig fat and poultry fat, rendered
1502 Fats of..bovine, sheep or goats, raw or rendered
150200 Fats, bovine, sheep or goat, raw or rendered
1503 Lard stearin, lard oil, oleostearin, oleo-oil & tallow oil, not emulsified or prepared
150300 Lard stearin/lard oil/etc nt emulsified or preprd
1504 Fats, oils & their fractions & marine mammals, not chemically modified
150410 Fish-liver oils & their fractions nt chem modified
150420 Fish fats & oils (not liver), fract, not modified
150430 Fats & oils of marine mammals, nt chem modified
1505 Wool grease & fatty substances derived there from
150510 Wool grease, crude
150590 Wool grease ex crude & fatty substncs incl lanolin
1506 Other animal fats, oil & their fractions, not chemically modified
150600 Animal fat & oil & fraction nesoi nt chem modified
1507 Soybean oil & its fractions, not chemically modified
150710 Soybean oil & fractions, crude, wheth/not degummed
150790 Soybean oil, refined, and fractions, not modified
1508 Peanut oil & its fractions, not chemically modified
150810 Peanut (ground-nut) oil, crude, nt chem modified
150890 Peanut (ground-nut) oil, refined, nt chem modified
1509 Olive oil & its fractions, not chemically modified
150910 Olive oil/fractions, virgin, not chem modified
150990 Olive oil/fractions, refined but not chem modified
1510 Other oils from olives not chemically modified
151000 Olive-residue oil & blends (1509&1510) nt chem mod
1511 Palm oil & its fractions, not chemically modified
151110 Palm oil, crude, not chemically modified
151190 Palm oil, refined but not chemically modified
1512 Sunflower-seed, safflower or cottonseed oil, not chemically modified
151211 Sunflower-seed or safflower oil, crude, fract, etc
151219 Sunflower-seed or safflower oil, refine, fract etc
151221 Cottonseed oil crude w/nt gossypol has been removd
151229 Cottonseed oil, refined, and fractions, not modif
1513 Coconut, palm kernel or babassu oil, not chemically modified
151311 Coconut (copra) oil, crude, not chemiclly modified
151319 Coconut (copra) oil, refined, nt chemclly modified
151321 Palm kernel or babassu oil, crude nt chem modified
151329 Palm kernel or babassu oil, refined, nt chem modfd
1514 Rapeseed, colza or mustard oil, not chemically modified
151410 Rapeseed/colza/mustard oil & fractions, crude
151490 Rapeseed/colza/mustard oil & fractions, refined
1515 Other fixed vegetable fats & oils, not chemically modified jojoba, linseed, castor, tung, sesame
151511 Linseed oil, crude, not chemically modified
151519 Linseed oil, refined, not chemically modified
151521 Corn (maize) oil, crude, not chemically modified
151529 Corn (maize) oil, refined, & fractions, not modif
151530 Castor oil, whether/not refined, nt chem modified
151540 Tung oil whether or not refined, not chem modified
151550 Seasame oil whether/not refined nt chem modified
151560 Jojoba oil whether or not refined nt chem modified
151590 Fixed veg oil, ref or not, nesoi, nt chem modified
1516 Animal or vegetable fats & oils, hydrogenated, interesterified, reesterified, elaidinized; not further prepared
151610 Animal fats and oils hydrogenated etc not prepared
151620 Vegetable fats & oils/fractions hydrogenated etc
1517 Margarine; edible mixtures or preparations of animal or vegetable fats & oils salad & cooking oil
151710 Margarine, excluding liquid margarine
151790 Edible fats & oil mixtures & prepar nesoi, etc
1518 Animal or vegetable fats & oils chemically modified; inedible mixtures
151800 Anml/veg fats & oils chem modified; inedbl mxt etc
1519 Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; acid oils from refining; industrial fatty alcohols stearic acid, oleic acid, tall oil
151911 Stearic acid
151912 Oleic acid
151913 Tall oil fatty acids
151919 Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids, nesoi
151920 Acid oils from refining
151930 Industrial fatty alcohols
1520 Glycerol, glycerol waters and lyes glycerine
152010 Glycerol (glycerine) crude; glycerol water & lyes
152090 Glycerol (glycerine) ex crude, incl synthetic
1521 Vegetable waxes (not triglycerides), beeswax, other insect waxes & spermaceti candelilla, carnauba
152110 Vegetable waxes (other than triglycerides)
152190 Beeswax and other insect waxes and spermaceti
1522 Degras; residues from fatty substances or animal or vegetable waxes
152200 Degras; residues from fatty substncs/anml/veg waxs

Code 17 - Sugars and sugar
1701 Cane or beet sugar & chemically pure sucrose in solid form
170111 Cane sugar, raw, solid form, w/o added flav/color
170112 Beet sugar, raw, solid form, w/o added flav/color
170191 Cane/beet sugar, refined, solid, added flav/color
170199 Cane/beet sug chem pure sucrose refind nesoi
1702 Other sugars, including chemically pure lactose, maltose, glucose, fructose, in solid form; sugar syrups no flavoring or coloring; artificial honey; caramel
170210 Lactose in solid form and lactose syrup
170220 Maple sugar and maple syrup
170230 Glucose (dextrose), under 20% fructose in dry form
170240 Glucose & glucose syrup containing 20-49% fructose
170250 Chemically pure fructose in solid form
170260 Fructose, nesoi & syrup, ov 50% fructose in dry fm
170290 Sugar, nesoi, including invert sugar & syrup
1703 Molasses from the extraction or refining of sugar
170310 Cane molasses from extraction or refining of sugar
170390 Molasses from extraction/refing sugar, nesoi quota
1704 Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), no cocoa chewing gum, candy
170410 Chewing gum, whether or not sugar coated
170490 Sugar confection (incl wh choc), no cocoa, nesoi

Code 19 - Preparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk; bakers wares
1901 Malt extract; food preparations of flour, meal, starch or malt extract, limited cocoa
190110 Preparations for infant use, for retail sale quota
190120 Mixes & doughs for prep of bakers wares hdg 1905
190190 Malt extract; flour, meal, milk etc prod etc nesoi
1902 Pasta, whether or not cooked or stuffed (with meat or other substances) spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, lasagna, gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni, couscous
190211 Pasta, uncooked, not stuffed etc., containing eggs
190219 Pasta, uncooked, not stuffed etc., nesoi
190220 Pasta, stuffed, whether or not cooked, etc.
190230 Pasta, prepared nesoi
190240 Couscous
1903 Tapioca and substitutes from starch in flakes, grains, pearls, siftings or similar
190300 Tapioca and substitutes from starch in flakes, etc
1904 Foods prepared by swelling, roasting cereals or cereal products; cereals other than corn/maize cornflakes
190410 Prep food, swelling/roasting cereal/cereal product
190490 Cereals (not corn) in grain form, prepared
1905 Bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits etc, with or without cocoa; communion wafers, capsules for pharmaceutical use, sealing wafers, rice paper & similar
190510 Crispbread
190520 Gingerbread and the like
190530 Cookies (sweet biscuits), waffles and wafers
190540 Rusks, toasted bread and similar toasted products
190590 Bread, pastry, cakes, etc nesoi & puddings

Code 21 - Miscellaneous edible preparations
2101 Extracts, essences, concentrates, preperations with basis or coffee substitutes, tea, mate, roasted chicory
210110 Coffee extracts, essences etc. & prep therefrom
210120 Tea or mate extracts/essences/concentrates & preps
210130 Roasted chicory & other roasted coffee substitutes
2102 Yeasts, baking powder, other dead single-cell microorganisms
210210 Yeasts, active
210220 Yeasts, inactive; oth single-cell dead micro-orgnm
210230 Baking powders, prepared
2103 Sauces and preparations; mixed condiments & seasonings; mustard flour, meal & prepared soy sauce, tomato sauce/ketchup, mayonnaise
210310 Soy sauce
210320 Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces
210330 Mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard
210390 Sauces etc. mixed condiments and seasonings nesoi
2104 Soups, broths & preparations; homogenized composite food preparations
210410 Soups and broths and preparations therefor
210420 Homogenized composite food prep (baby food etc)
2105 Ice cream and other edible ice, with cocoa or not
210500 Ice cream and other edible ice, with cocoa or not
2106 Other food preparations
210610 Protein concentrates & textured protein substances
210690 Food preparations nesoi

Code 35 - Albuminoidal substances; modified starch; glues; enzymes
3501 Casein, caseinates and other casein derivatives and glues
350110 Casein
350190 Caseinates & other casein derivatives; casein glue
3502 Albumins and albumin derivatives
350210 Egg albumin
350290 Albumin & albumin derivatives, nesoi
3503 Gelatin & derivatives; isinglass; other glues of animal origin (not 3501)
350300 Gelatin & deriv; isinglass; glues, animal or nesoi
3504 Peptones, other proteins substances & derivatives; hide powder
350400 Peptones, other proteins & deriv etc; hide powder
3505 Dextrins & other modified starches; glues based on starches, dextrin & modified starches
350510 Dextrins and other modified starches
350520 Glues based on starches
3506 Prepared glues & adhesives nesoi (not elsewhere specified or included); glue packaged for retail
350610 Prod use as glue/adhesive, for sale, nt wt <= 1 kg
350691 Adhesives based on rubber or plastics nesoi
350699 Adhesives, for retail sale, net wt <=1 kg nesoi
3507 Enzymes; prepared enzymes nesoi (not elsewhere specified or included)
350710 Rennet and concentrates thereof
350790 Enzymes and prepared enzymes, nesoi

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