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Pthalogen Dyes
Pthalogen DyesRung International has earned itself a reputed name in the market for the manufacturing and exporting of high quality Phthalogen dyes. Our comprehensive range of Phthalogen dyes, also known as Ingrain Dyes and dyestuffs is very ideally suited for the use in Khanga, Batic, African print, Fibers and varied other fabrics. The dyeing process of our company produces exceptionally brilliant and light-fast blues which can be shifted to blue-greens or darker blues. Our phthalogen dyes are ideal for printing and dyeing of thread and can also be used for solid-shade dyeing of retail fabrics.

We offer a wide range of phthalogen dyestuffs to match International specifications like as follows:
  • Blue I F3G + Copper Complex
  • Blue I F3GK
  • Blue I F3GM
  • Blue I BN
  • Fast Blue B Base
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