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Reactive Dyes
Reactive DyesA variety of reactive dyes are made available by Rung International. Reactive dyes are synthetic and aromatic molecular structural compounds and important chemical pollutants which are mostly used in the textile industries. Reactive dyes belong to a class of highly colored organic substances, which are mainly used for tinting textiles. The dyes become a part of the fiber. These dyes are used for various purposes and different varieties have different properties.

There are some reactive dyes which are highly reactive and are mainly used for exhaust dyeing. There are some with moderate reactivity and are mainly used for printing and continuous dyeing. There are reactive dyes used for continuous and semi - continuous dyeing and are characterized by excellent yield in all applications. Some dyes are of special importance for cotton yarn, knits and fabrics. Our reactive dyes are of high quality and are manufactured and designed to permanently dye plant based fiber like linen, cotton, ramie, hemp, rayon, viscose, cellulose fiber etc.

Some of the reactive dyes manufactured by our company are as follows:
  • Hot Brand - Rungactive H Dyes
  • Cold Brand - Rungactive M Dyes
  • Vinyl Sulphone - Rungzol Dyes
  • High Exhaust - Rungactive HE Dyes
  • Mild Exhaust - Rungactive ME Dyes
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