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Synthetic Food Colors
Synthetic food colors are widely used in various food items like ice creams, biscuits, fruit drinks, sweet meats, seasonings, pharmaceutical tablets and syrups etc. Synthetic colors donot add anything to the nutritional value of the food but gives a attractive look to the item, which always have an important implication on the minds of people as far as food is concerned. Any food item or dish prepared in attractive colors has always lured every man in all the quarters of the world. It is therefore very necessary to preserve the natural or maintain the color of a food product while it is manufactured or stored for future use. Synthetic food colors, also known as artificial food colors, are made artificially using chemicals. Synthetic food colors have high utilitarian value as they are used in a vast number of industries.

Our range of synthetic colors is manufactured, involving deep research so as to conform to international food quality standards. They donot have any side effects and used widely in food and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the important synthetic food colors manufactured by our company are:

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