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There are various frequently asked questions about Rung International. Some of them are:
  • What is Food Color?
    Its is a vegetable dye, which is a digestible substance. It is used to give color to Food, Drug and Cosmetics.
  • What are the most frequently used food colors worldwide?
    They are Carmoisine, Sunset yellow, Tartrazine, Amaranth, Brilliant Blue, Indigo Carmine, Allura Red, Erythrosine, etc.
  • What are Dyes and Lakes?
    Certifiable color additives are available for use in food as either "dyes" or "lakes." A dye is a coloured substance that is water soluble.
    Lakes are the water insoluble form of the dye. They are more stable than dyes and are ideal for coloring products.
  • What is use of Lake Colors?
    Lake Colors are widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, Dairy products, Chewing gums, bakery products, Packaging for Foodstuffs etc.
  • What is use of Water Soluble food colors?
    Primary food colors are easily soluble in water and has been used in Foodstuff, Meat & Fish products, Cosmetics, Toiletry products, Beverages, Animal feeds, Sea-Foods, etc.
  • What type of food colors is Rung International manufacturing?
    Rung International manufactures complete range of Synthetic Food Colors, Lake Colour, Blended Food Colour and Natural Food Colors.
  • What type of regulations exists for the use of Food Colors?
    In every country government has laid down certain norms & specifications for food colours and the product must satisfy all that norms.
  • Is Rung International manufacturer of Dyes and food colors?
    We manufacture food colors and additives by our own to offer highest quality standards of food color and enhance quality assurance. That is why we are pioneer in the field of food additive manufacturing.
  • Which Food Colors are approved by US FDA for use in Food?
    Rung International can offer all the Food colours as per EEC Standards and US Standards but the US FDA Approval has to be taken by the Customer.
  • What sort of packing options are available from Rung International?
    We offer options for bulk packing to small packing.
    Primary Food Colours are packed in 25Kg (Net Weight) HDPE Drum with LD liner. Rung International also offer small packing options like 5 Kg, 1Kg, 500 g, 400 g HDPE container.
    Dye Intermediates are packed in 25Kg, 50 Kg HDPE bag with LDPE liner.
    We also provide Jumbo bag packing on customer demand.


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