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Utmost care is taken for proper and safe packaging of our food colors and dyes. Our team is expert in small, medium and high-volume packaging while maintaining the properties and chemical purity of the products. Our packaging is available in a wide variety of innovative designs and materials. The packaging of our products ensures : Packaging
  • Safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Convenient handling
  • Storage
  • Preservation of product integrity
  • Protection against any type of contamination
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of transportation
  • Convenience of customers and
  • Safety of product during transit and delivery.
Our company offers numerous packing options to satisfy individual and specific requirements of our clients. Special facilities are made for packaging of food colors and flavors. Entire packaging is done in a hygienic and dust free environment. The packets are clearly marked so as to ensure easy selection and picking. The products are packed in superior quality packaging materials in order to improve the marketability and ensure long life. The use of sophisticated technology and quality materials also ensure the use of minimum resources to produce, store and transport the package and its content.

Primary colors are generally packed in 25 Kg (net wt) HDPE drum with LD liner. Lake colors can be provided in packs of 10 Kg (net wt.) HDPE drum. The mouth of drum is wide-open so as to make the moving of material inside easy and smooth. Small packaging options are also available which include packets of 5 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg HDPE Jar. These packs are provided in corrugated box to ensure extra safety. Customized packaging options are also available, to meet the special individual requirements of our clients. We also offer Jumbo / Big bag packing on customers' request.

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